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Ultimate Snapback Showdown

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With the multitude of choices out there, which custom snapback reigns supreme?

This is a matchup for the ages: think LeBron vs. Steph in Game 7 of the Finals, Ali vs. Frazier in the Thrilla in Manila, or basically anytime the Red Sox and Yankees meet up. Except, in this scenario, the players are ridiculously stylish, super customizable hats. Snapbacks are some of the most unique and creative caps in the game, and we’re putting them brim to brim in a competition to see which version comes out on top. First, we’re giving you some background on how the snapback became so popular. Then, we’ve got three of our favorite snapbacks to compare, before giving you some tips on styling them, and then declaring the winner. So let’s go....     

A Brief History of the Snapback

When we think of snapbacks, we think of the old-school caps that were everywhere back in the ‘90s — the ones with splashy, colorful graphics that we wore when we were kids to rep our favorite teams. But the history of this design goes all the way back to the ‘50s, when New Era changed the style of the hats they were making for baseball teams to a six-panel design. That design was the blueprint for the snapback we know today, which generally has a simple structured front, flat bill, and closure that snaps in the back (hence the name). 

The modern snapback didn’t actually become popular until the late 80s and early 90s, when it started showing up in rap videos and during championship celebrations. Pretty soon, some of the most popular hat styles of the ‘90s were snapbacks: the wavy Logo Athletic Sharktooth, the Split Bar collegiate hats from The Game, and those iconic Los Angeles Raiders snapbacks NWA wore. Now, snapbacks have come all the way back and show no signs of going away anytime soon. They’re loud, fun, and perfect for making a statement. CapBeast helps you embrace that anything goes vibe by letting you go crazy with customizations on several snapback styles.

The Contenders

We’re throwing three of our favorite snapbacks into the ring: the New Era Flat Bill 9Fifty, Yupoong Classic, and Flexfit Wool Blend Flat Bill. This is basically like putting Ronaldo, Neymar, and Messi on a pitch and letting them go. To see which one comes out on top, we’re taking a look at materials/quality, overall design/fit, and value, then giving each a rating out of 5. There can only be one winner.

New Era Flat Bill 9Fifty

New Era has over one hundred years of tradition on its side, and that shows in the 9Fifty. The 9Fifty has a nice and thin 100% cotton fabric that’s so breathable and lightweight that you barely notice it’s on. Plus, the flat bill style — which looks and feels great backward or forward — is what New Era does best. Also, the 9Fifty is the only hat on the list to come with a camo option. At $28, it’s the priciest snapback on the list, but you’re getting quality that’s backed by the New Era name. We like the 9Fifty for its simplicity, quintessential flat bill design, and extra tall front panel that provides plenty of room for audacious graphics.

Score: 4.6 

Yupoong Classic Snapback

Given that it has, by far, the most timeless look of all our contenders, the Yupoong Classic is aptly named. With a 20% wool blend, this is a super soft snapback that’s going to last. CapBeast provides tons of color options for the Classic, including several schemes that have pops of color on the eyelets, brims, closures, and buttons. This means the Classic provides the best canvas for almost any kind of design. At $26.50, it’s an absolute steal — like trading Patrick Mahomes for a placekicker. We like the Yupoong Classic for its soft wool material, durability, and green under-brim that makes us nostalgic for little league. 

Score: 4.5

Flexfit Wool Blend Flat Bill


The technology of the Flexfit Wool Blend Flat Bill makes it one of the clear favorites for the crown. With a more stretchy and supple material than the other two snapbacks, it feels insanely good on the head and will fit perfectly over your dome no matter what. And with 10+ colors, including several two-toned options that sport a different color for the eyelets, buttons, closures, and brims, this cap allows you to get super creative with your customizations. Plus, the $27 price point makes it the perfect mid-range option. We like the Flexfit for its comfort, color options (we’re particularly fond of the heather gray), and durability. 


Score: 4.9

How to Design a Snapback

Snapbacks are known for bold, vibrant visuals — they’re pieces that allow you to express yourself and have a good time doing it. CapBeast helps you unlock all of that potential by giving you tons of customization options. Take advantage of the tall, structured fronts by throwing on a large graphic, logo, or name; and don’t forget to use the sides by adding smaller designs or utilizing CapBeast’s variety of different text options. 

Uploading a design is stupid easy, and so is formatting your text so that you get a font and style that you love. Remember, try to avoid thin lines, cluttered graphics, or small text that won’t show up as well when stitched on. Whether you’re making hats for your business, team, or just yourself, your design is going to stand out when you put it on one of our snapbacks. Take a look at CapBeast’s design guidelines and start creating your own eye-catching look today. 

The Winner

Picking the best snapback out of our lineup is like choosing between MJ, Pippen, and Rodman. They’re all on your team, and they all bring something different and unique, but we have to pick a winner. For us, the Flexfit Wool Blend is the champ (though the other two are nipping at its heels). Like a five-tool player, with its dope colorways, comfort-ensuring technology, durability, customization options, and classic look, it’s the MJ of the group: the perfect embodiment of what a snapback should be. No matter which hat you go with, though, you won’t miss it when you let CapBeast’s embroidery experts bring your ideas to life. Do it right, and we’ll be wearing your designs in 30 years when we’re feeling nostalgic. 

- Christopher Adair

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