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How to Make Your Cap...Beast: A Quick Guide For Custom Hats

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So you’ve found us. CapBeast, the sickest, wildest and most innovative custom apparel site on the web. You’re hella excited. You want to customize RIGHT NOW. But you’re at a loss. How does it work? How is it exactly that you make your cap BEAST. Well we’re here to show you. Let’s get to work.


STEP 1: Pick Your Cap.


Snapback? Strapback? Fitted? Whatever it is you want, we have it right here at CapBeast. You can select the product you want from the home page and get to work almost immediately. If you decide halfway through it’s not for you, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and take a look at what else we have on offer.

 How to make your Cap... Beast 01

Some say tri-colored cap. Some say snapback. The choice is yours.


Step 2: Decide a Color Scheme of Your Custom Hats


If you’re a straight-forward type of person, this part should be easy. You might want a no-frills two-tone black and red combo. That’s cool. We definitely respect that. But you should know you could pick up to eight colors for your own custom design, so you don’t lack for options. Simply hit the color you want next to the aptly named ‘color’ section, and ta-dah! You’ll be able to see what it looks like with our on-screen customizer online.

How to make your Cap... Beast 02

It’s almost like..magic.


Step 3: Add an Image on Your Custom Hats


Like all of the custom additions at CapBeast, adding an image is optional, but recommended. If you ’re a company designing hats or you’re just an individual designer yourself, this might be where you want to add your own personalized logo. Just hit the upload image button at the bottom right and you’ll be met with a box to access files on your computer. Select the image you want from whatever folder it’s in on your computer and then adjust the dimensions till it’s perfect.

How to make your Cap... Beast 03

This dude is the face of my personal brand. Or something.


Step 4: Add Some Text on Your Custom Hat Design


Whether you’ve opted for an image or not, you’ll probably want some text to go along with your customized color scheme. It might be your own company, or it could just be something significant to you. Either way, you can stick it on your cap tailored to a very specific style. CapBeast has a whole host of fonts for you to choose from. Just hit the add text button and a box will pop up asking what text you want to add. Put whatever you want in and then position it on your cap and choose your ideal font. It’s as easy as that.

How to make your Cap... Beast 04

In case you haven’t noticed...I’m not a designer.




Once you’re happy with everything in your design, just hit add to cart to get an order summary. Remember, you can sit and tweak designs and texts for hours to make sure everything is perfect. Don’t rush your design! Once you take your order through you’ll be able to see how long your product will take to arrive and other important details. Congratulations on making your first cap…beast.

How to make your Cap... Beast 05

Hell yeah. You’re basically an artist now. 



Updated on March 12th, 2015

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