Custom Flexfit Fitted Hats | CapBeast

The Flexfit is the undisputed king of the fitted. The hat game was changed entirely when they released their one-size fits all tech that took the world by storm and transformed what we know as the fitted today. Using the special poly-weave material, FlexFit fitteds allow a snug and self-adjusting fit without the need for enclosures or specific sizing.

The lack of back enclosures also means an excellent all over blank canvas for sick designs. When customizing your very own FlexFit fitted, you’ve got a whole load of space to create something truly vibrant and unique. Using our online hats customizer you can unleash your personal style in various different ways: varying patterns, custom embroidery or just different shades of colors. Whatever you need to craft your own personal FlexFit fitted you can find here at CapBeast.