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Creating Custom Champion Brand Hats

Creating custom champion hats   capbeast

Champion is one of America's most iconic sportswear brands. With an impressive history and an overwhelmingly positive reputation that dates back over one hundred years, it's no wonder that Champion is one of America's favorite sports brands. 

Today, in 2021, Champion is still beloved by millions, worn by A-list celebrities, and highly-valued by the nation's greatest sports teams. CapBeast is proudly showcasing custom Champion hats, so you can get in on the action and start sporting Champion apparel in your own unique way. 

Champion’s Long History 

In 1919, the Feinbloom brothers founded the Knicker Bocker Knitting Company. During the 1930s, this would become the 'Champion knitting mills Inc', and eventually the 'Champion' we know today. The Sara Lee Corporation took over Champion in 1989, establishing Champion under one of America's largest consumer-goods corporations. Since its inception, Champion has never stopped growing.  

The Champion brand has represented numerous sports and worked with teams at varying levels. Shortly after its launch, Champion signed an agreement with the Michigan Wolverines to provide their team uniforms. This agreement became a catalyst for the success Champion has seen since.  

Champion provided the NBA's uniforms during the nineteen-nineties, alongside various NFL uniforms throughout the seventies and nineties. In 1992, they were the knit manufacturers for the U.S Olympic basketball team, and in 2008, they supplied the kit for the Premier League football team, Wigan Athletic.

The Champion brand has an impressive history. These achievements, alongside the high-quality materials and manufacturing of Champion hats, are the reason why CapBeast is so excited to share the news that we are now offering the opportunity to create your own Champion hats. 

At CapBeast, we value the history and admire the long-standing reputation that Champion has carved out for themselves, but we also care about the now. We want to provide our customers with trendy styles that they can customize in their own ways, which means we strive to provide products that our customers are excited about.

Customizing Your Champion Hat

We all love a trend, but sometimes you want something that's going to help you stand out from the crowd a little more. Champion is undeniably an iconic brand. Sometimes it can be difficult to feel unique in a brand with such surging popularity. If celebrities and everyday people are all sporting Champion, how can you make you look more unique?

A customizable Champion hat lets you style this beloved brand in your own way. Instead of throwing on the same hoodie or sweatpants as everyone else, customize a Champion dad hat or beanie and stand out from the crowd. The Champion logo will catch people's attention, but your personalization will be sure to set you apart. If you need some inspiration or are looking for more information regarding hat customization, check out our blog post on the subject.

The Champion Rib-Knit Beanie

Our Champion beanies are a light-weight ribbed knit with enough room to infuse your artistic flare. Their light material and array of colors mean your custom beanie can be worn every season. Our Champion beanies come in: 

  • Scarlet

  • Red 

  • White

  • Navy

  • Orange 

  • Pink 

  • Gray


The Champion Dad Hat

The dad hat is a timeless and practical option. Our Champion dad hats have the Champion logo on the back, leaving room for your creative customization on the front. Their soft, unstructured style makes these caps ideal for embroidery. Add a custom logo, text or graphics to a dad hat in one of these eye-catching colors: 

  • Royal Blue

  • Gray

  • Black 

  • Scarlet

  • White

Creating Your Custom Design

When designing your custom hat, be aware that small yet bold designs work best with our Champion dad hats and Champion beanies. Add bold text or emoji-style graphics to elevate your custom design.

The chance to create a custom embroidered beanie or dad hat with a company as iconic as Champion is incredibly exciting! Make sure you follow our simple guides on how to maximize your design potential and design a hat that our talented embroiders can bring to life. 

Champion is an iconic American sportswear brand. Each year, these sportswear giants increase in popularity and prove their resilience in the sportswear industry. Despite numerous other sportswear brands putting up a fight, and new companies coming out of the woodwork, Champion remains a pillar of American sportswear and sports history.

At CapBeast, we're honored to give our customers the ability to take Champion's globally recognized name and make it their own. With our custom dad hats and beanies, you can showcase your admiration for American sports apparel whilst staying true to your sense of style. Our custom Champion hats infuse historically rich sports accessories with true authentic style.