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Noah Weston, better known as Soul Khan, is a well-loved and outrageously talented retired battle rapper who made his name on premier battle circuits such as Grindtime, KOTD and Don’t Flop. Following his short but successful battle rap career, Soul Khan took his game to New York and joined up with his current group Brown Bag AllStars to focus on making music and continuing his career in Brooklyn. We caught up with Soul Khan and asked him some of life’s essential questions.

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1. What influenced you to become a musician and why?

"Among other things, one motivation was to provide people with something to relate to, to give them solace. I think that's still the most dominant reason."


2. Are there any particular items of clothing or gear that you think are a big part of the culture surrounding the music that you make?

"My glasses, because otherwise I wouldn't be able to see what I'm writing or even really move around and function on a basic level."


3. What’s playing in your car lately?

"Lately it's been a balance between PRhyme, FKA Twigs, Black Milk, and Milo, but not in my car because I take the subway. I don't drive and I kind of wish nobody did because cars are like wheeled middle fingers at the ideals of a closer-knit community."


4. Who’s your number one musical influence?

Michael McDonald


5. Who’s your number one non-musical influence?

Michael McDonald


6. Who would you most like to make a record with?

Michael McDonald


7. What’s your favorite music instrumental/tool?

"Probably the mouthaphone followed by the rapsichord."


8. How much does your album/single art matter to you?

"I guess a good amount. The music will look pretty drab on your screen if it's just accompanied by a blank square. Three cheers for something to fill the blank square! As long as it's nice to look at and somewhat unique while relevant to the music, I'm pretty open to many types of artwork. No spirographs, though."


9. What’s the longest period of time it’s taken to put together just one song?

"I think about a half a year, but that can happen when you want particular people involved or revisit a song after you think you've already finished it. I'd rather get it done right than rapidly."


10.  How many hours a week do you put into your craft?

"A bunch load. I'm not sure if I can quantify it that well. It's not very regimented on account of some days being a creative goldmine and others being a creative face first plunge into a pool of sewage."


11.  Outside of making music, what are your favorite things to do?

"I love walking my dog and yelling at the internet."


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