Custom Yupoong Snapbacks | CapBeast

So you want a snapback, but you’ve decided the famous New Era isn’t for you. That’s cool. We respect that. Being different and blazing your own trail is commended at CapBeast. So lets talk about the alternative: the Yupoong snapback.

The Yupoong brand started as a basic hat manufacturer in Korea, but transformed themselves and the brand internationally with a revolutionary idea: one size fits all. Using their brilliant poly-weave spandex material, FlexFit hats were able to fit around almost any size head without confusing size measurements and numbers. Without the closure mechanic at the back, they looked just like a fitted, and that led to major international success.

Although Yupoong aren’t known for their snapbacks, they still put out a nice respectable dome piece that’ll look good atop anyone’s head. What you’re getting is your classic shape with a retro edge, complete with the staple plastic enclosure. It’s a less expensive alternative to New Era but still packed with quality. You can also make it go further with our easy to use hat customizer; whether it’s logos, patterns or letters the choice is yours. At CapBeast, the snapback is truly your oyster.