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CapBeast’s Guide To This Year’s Trending Winter Hat Styles

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Beanies are a must-have accessory for the colder months, but with so many styles popping up, it can be hard to decide which one is the best fit for you. In this post, we'll take a look at some of our clients’ favorite custom hat choices for winter 2023, so you can stay warm and on-trend on the slopes or in the streets.

Custom Beanie Styles
A classic winter staple, the beanie is a close-fitting, knitted cap that covers the head and ears. In terms of shape, they vary in length meaning that some are short and therefore have no cuff, while others are longer and have a cuff that can be folded over.  Beanies come in a variety of materials such as wool, acrylic and blends. This season, oversized beanies in bold colors and chunky knit styles are particularly popular. 

The classic beanie is a short knit hat, generally preferred by athletes for their light weight and the fact that they don’t hinder peripheral vision. This type of beanie lends well to smaller designs, think custom embroidery no more than two inches in height.  

The cuffed beanie is just a longer version of the classic beanie. This means that the extra material can be rolled over to create a “cuff”. You can adjust the height of the cuff depending on how cold it is and how much coverage you need. The cuff provides an excellent canvas for embroidery to showcase your logos or designs.

The slouchy beanie is extra long and loose fitting, and is normally worn without a folded cuff. Slouchy beanies are generally made with lighter knits and are more of a fashion option than a functional one. For a custom slouchie beanie, we recommend following a similar pattern to the classic beanies with a design that is not very tall due to the lack of a cuff.

A popular version of the cuffed beanie is the  fisherman’s beanie. The cuff on these is rolled high, exposing the wearer’s ears. File this style under fashion over function if you’re in a colder climate.

A winter hat with a fluffy ball on top, the pompom beanie is a fashionable and warm option. This style is normally based on a cuffed beanie and this season, oversized pompoms are particularly popular.

Styling the fit
When pairing your custom beanie with the rest of your outfit, it's important to keep in mind that the hat should complement your overall look. For example, a neutral-colored beanie can add a subtle touch of style to a casual outfit, while a brightly colored pompom hat can make a bold statement when paired with a monochrome outfit.

To sum it all up, beanies are an essential accessory for winter, and there are many styles to choose from at CapBeast. Whether you're looking for something to keep you warm or to add a touch of style to your winter look, there's a hat out there for everyone. Consider your personal style, the level of cold you'll be facing and the materials you prefer when choosing the perfect hat for the winter season. With the right hat, you'll be able to stay warm and on-trend all season long.

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