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Custom Hats For Your Hustle: How to Create a Professional Look

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So you’ve started your next hustle and you’re looking for a way to boost your brand. Custom hats are a great way to promote your image and create a professional look for your hustle, be it a new social media channel, agency or ecommerce business. But with so many options available between hat models, styles and design ideas, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

For this post, we interviewed some of our clients in the creator economy, as well as agency and startup founders to share some tips and tricks for creating the perfect custom hat for your company.

Why Do I Want Custom Hats?
To start it all off, consider the purpose of your branded hats. Are you looking to promote your brand at a trade show or event? Are you looking to provide a uniform look for your employees to maximize off-line brand impressions? Knowing the purpose of the hat will help you choose the right design and materials. 

What is My Brand Identity?
Keep in mind that your custom hat should reflect your company's brand and values. If you are in a creative industry, then trendier headwear styles are the way to go. Consider the ever-popular dad hats, snapbacks and bucket hats in the summer. 

“I like to use hats that don’t have any other branding than my own, so that my creative message stands out” - Jerome D H, TikTok Agency Owner

If you’re working in a more traditional field, where potential customers are more likely to see you wearing the hat on a golf course than at the local cafe, go for an athletic hat from Nike or Adidas. Adding your logo to a high-quality athletic hat from a name brand can give you added authority.

“Been getting so many compliments on my hat! I’ve picked up a few new customers just from wearing it at the golf course.” Sheldon Biggs, Financial Planner/Personal Coach


Which Version of My Logo Works Best on a Hat?
We custom stitch your logo onto hats using the latest digital embroidery machines. Embroidery is the highest quality and most durable method to apply your logo, but it is not without its limitations. We’re talking about needles and thread at the end of the day, so logos with more than 12 colors of tiny text just don’t stitch well. Keep that in mind when you’re creating the mockup using the CapBeast hat designer. 

“Our graphic designer had made us 2 versions of the CreamDonk logo so we went with the dark one on a charcoal ‘47 Dad Hat, and the lighter one on the black version” 

Take the time to go through the CapBeast lineup to find a hat in the right style, with the colors to match your logo. If you're unsure about the design, send it to us and we’ll evaluate it for you to ensure that it is suitable for custom embroidery. If you have two versions of your logo, we highly suggest doing both a dark and light version of your hat.

What About Hat Sizes?
Another important factor to consider is the size of the hat. Many hat styles are one size fits all (OFSA), but many aren’t. OFSA hats include dad hats, snapbacks, trucker hats and beanies. If you’re looking for fitted ball caps, you may want to order them in multiple sizes to accommodate your team or clients. 

What’s Next?
Creating the perfect corporate custom hat takes a little bit of planning and consideration, but the end result is worth it. A well-designed custom hat can help to promote your brand and create a professional look for your business.

If all of this seems daunting, don’t worry. Head over to our quote request page here and one of our headwear experts will put together a tailored quote taking all of the factors we’ve detailed in this post.