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CapBeast's Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

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Like Aaron Donald screaming around the edge toward an unsuspecting quarterback, Christmas is coming at you fast. Yeah, you could head to the mall and grab the same hat that everyone else is wearing this holiday season. But what about some headwear that’s unique and customized exactly the way you want? CapBeast has you covered when it comes to the perfect Christmas gifts for your friends and family. Consider getting them a one-of-a-kind hat or beanie that they’ll wear forever (and that you won’t have to spend hours in mall traffic to acquire). To that end, we’re taking you through the process of creating a custom beanie or hat, listing some of our favorites for this holiday season, and then giving you some design ideas so that you’ll end up with an amazing gift. Think of CapBeast as your sturdy offensive line, giving you space to get creative and time to get other stuff done this Christmas. 

How It Works

With CapBeast, creating the perfect Christmas gift for anyone on your list could not be easier — like Dak Prescott picking apart a zone defense. All you have to do is head over to, pick out the cap or beanie you want to use as your base, and start customizing. Our customization tools are powerful and intuitive, allowing you to easily add your own graphics or create text that looks exactly how you want it. 

Keep in mind, you’ll want to upload images with bold, clear lines and solid colors. Take a look at these guidelines to help you get the most out of your custom hat. With some imagination and the help of our embroidery experts, you can create the ultimate gift that will bring maximum amounts of Christmas cheer to anyone (even Lions fans). 

Holiday Favorites

No matter what kind of style they like to rock, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece for each person on your list with CapBeast’s holiday lineup. Below are some of our favorite beanies and hats, all of which are perfect for gift giving and primed for any kind of customization. It’s like having Davante Adams, OBJ, DeAndre Hopkins, and D.K. Metcalf in the same wide receiver core. Stacked.

Beanies and Winter Hats

CapBeast Beanie Toque

This is your RB1 — the stable beanie. CapBeast’s Beanie Toque is super customizable, ridiculously comfy and warm, and made to last. The acrylic knit, 12” toque is made in Canada, so you know it’s ready for those freezing cold nights at the tree farm; and the classic style means you can keep it on for your friends’ holiday shindig too. The variety of colors (we love the heather black and forest green, but you can’t miss) gives you tons of options when it comes to creating the perfect custom gift. 

Champion Beanie 

Champion’s version of the beanie is your All-Pro safety, locking things down and bringing the heat when necessary. The colors — including a vibrant scarlet, bright white, and classy navy — are super fresh. The 100% acrylic material is nice and light while providing plenty of warmth, so whoever’s getting this one will be able to wear it well into spring. And trust us, they’re gonna love seeing a custom design next to that Champion label.  

’47 Cuff Knit Beanie

A grizzled veteran, ’47 has been around long enough that you already know you can count on its quality and superior comfort. The Cuff Knit Beanie is a knitted skullcap with a folded cuff and multi-layer construction that will fit (and warm) any head. Most importantly, its classic color options — charcoal, navy, and black — make the beanie the perfect blank canvas.  

Dad Hats

Yupoong Strapback Dad Hat

This is the Tom Brady of hats — ageless and always winning. Yupoong’s Strapback Dad Hat has everything you want in a dad hat: a super low-profile design, an amazingly relaxed fit, and that classy brass knuckle/strap enclosure combo. If you’re getting a gift for the fashionista in your life, you can’t go wrong with one of the hottest styles out right now. 

Nike Swoosh Dad Hat

Like Deion Sanders returning kicks, catching passes, and locking down wide receivers, this is a super versatile option. With a mid profile that provides tons of space for any design, Nike’s Swoosh Dad Hat can be personalized into a great gift for every single member of your family. The six-panel hat, with a strapback enclosure, comes in some eye-catching colors, including black, Navy and white. And the fact that it’s Nike means it won’t end up looking like one of Bill Belichick’s torn-up cut-offs halfway through winter. 

Design Ideas

Now that you know what options CapBeast has, we’re giving you some ideas for how to customize your headgear. A custom beanie or hat is a great gift no matter how you design it, but we’ve got some ideas that will take their future favorite piece to the next level.

A warm, durable hat like the Champion beanie is going to be perfect for your sports team, with ample room on the cuff to put a large logo or your team’s name. You could do a lot worse than creating a cool logo with your loved one’s initials and putting it on the ’47 Cuff Knit. Know someone with a winter wedding coming up? Customize a CapBeast Toque with their names and/or wedding date for a completely unique gift. 

Yupoong’s Strapback Dad Hat is very of the moment, and it will pop when you add some funny text or a simple image. You can’t go wrong with giving someone a “World’s best dad/teacher/etc.” hat. If you want to put together some limited-edition merch for the artist, business owner, or non-profit founder in your life, we love the Flat Bill 9Fifty, which has more than enough real estate to accommodate even the boldest of designs. 


Gifting a custom beanie or hat is a great way of showing your friends and family you care. Head to CapBeast today to create a unique and stylish piece of headwear that they’ll love — and dominate Christmas like you’re Warren Sapp shooting the A gap. 


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