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Battle of the Trucker Hats 2021

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Trucker hats embody a very distinct vibe — they’re meant to be worn to tailgates, around campfires, and on pontoon boats. They’re the perfect complement to a bathing suit and T-shirt or a flannel and blue jeans. And, of course, they’ve got that amazing nostalgic appeal. Truckers are also surprisingly versatile, though, running the gamut from vintage and worn into modern and sleek. They work just as well with a white foam front and a beer company logo as with an all-black base and a modern graphic. Below, we’re giving you the rundown on the trucker, including its history, specs, our most popular designs, and how you can use the CapBeast customizer to create your own one-of-a-kind piece.

The Trucker Hat Origin Story

The trucker hat arose out of the ‘60s, when companies would market themselves by giving out free caps to farmers and truckers. Back then, casual hats weren’t really worn in everyday life. By the ‘70s and ‘80s, however, the “trucker” hat style caught on. The large, structured foam front was perfect for displaying a simple logo or graphic. It was the first baseball-cap-style headwear to be regularly included in streetwear; and it became a wardrobe staple for everyone from Formula 1 drivers to your grandpa. So, the roots are deep. 

In the 90s, however, the style fell out of vogue, primarily replaced by dad hats and snapbacks. Then, in the early 2000s, trucker hats came roaring back, with throwback designs and more modern versions coming from major apparel companies (Von Dutch ring a bell?). The style again went through a lull after that; but recently there’s been renewed interest in early-2000s fashion — from oversized pants to graphic tees to, yes, trucker hats. If we’ve learned anything from the trucker’s history, it’s that this hat always comes back. 

Anatomy of a Trucker (Hat)

We all know the merits of a good trucker hat, right? It keeps the dome cool, fits perfectly, and most importantly, has a stylish look. Truckers can be split into two camps: the foam front and the fabric front. The foam front is the classic style — the one that always shows up in old pics from the ‘70s and ‘80s. The fabric front is a streamlined iteration that creates a more modern look and feel. 

One of the hallmarks of every trucker hat is the mesh back, which allows heat to escape (and explains their popularity with farmers who were out in the sun all day). Another feature is the snapback closure in the back, creating the perfect fit no matter your head size. What really makes the trucker a special hat, though, is its connection to years gone by — back when they were making caps that people pay hundreds of dollars for on ebay these days.

Our Favorite Truckers

Whether you’re looking for a classic, tall foam trucker or a more relaxed, unstructured fit, CapBeast has you covered with several different styles. Here are three of our favorites.  

’47 Brand Trucker Hat

The ’47 version is all about comfort, with a 100% washed-cotton, unstructured crown replacing the taller profiles of most truckers. The contrasting stitching on the front and a pre-curved bill provide unique touches, and the ’47 logo on the side lets you know it’s high quality. We love the color options this trucker comes in, as well as the softer mesh that makes it absurdly easy to wear, forward or backward. 

Yupoong Classic Trucker Hat

Yupoong’s Classic Trucker hits the sweet spot. The large white front provides ample space for whatever you want to do graphic-wise, and the variety of colors ensures your custom trucker is going to pop when you’re done designing it. The structured front stands tall, with a comfy polyester/cotton blend, and the sides give you ample space to add some extra words or visuals. 

CapBeast Trucker Hat

Our version has everything you’re looking for in a trucker — a foam front, silky smooth mesh back, double plastic snapback closure, and even the rope across the front. The white/royal blue color combo is so fresh, and the high profile allows you to get really creative with your designs. This is the hat that looks like it came straight out of the glory days of the trucker. Perfect. 

How to Design Your Trucker Hat

It can be hard to know where to start when designing a hat. Lucky for you, when it comes to truckers, there are some can’t-miss options. A super clean rectangular, circular, or diamond-shaped logo on the Yupoong Classic will work beautifully. If you’re looking to up your merch game, put your business name on a ’47 Trucker and watch it sell. 

Throwback styles always work on a trucker, and that’s especially true for the CapBeast Trucker: take inspiration from the classic yellow-on-green John Deere hat or the simple, iconic white-on-red Marlboro cap. CapBeast offers up tons of different fonts, including script typefaces like Lobster or Pacifico that have that old-school feel. Put your brand’s name on a CapBeast’s Trucker in one of endless color/transparency combinations and tell us it doesn’t look amazing. 

One of the best parts about designing a trucker is you’ll have a lot of space to work with. Utilize all that real estate by putting a sketched image or an eye-catching line drawing on the front panel. Or you could always go the Judah Friedlander route and throw a simple ironic phrase like “World Champion” on the front in big bold letters. 

Our stitching experts can work wonders with these truckers, so get weird with your ideas. And whatever route you’re looking to take, make sure you keep in mind our design tips for customizing the perfect cap. 


Whether you’re sitting in the stands, hitting up the gym, or just going out with friends, a trucker is the perfect go-to. Put together your own classic custom trucker hat on CapBeast by picking one of our distinctive styles and playing around with the ridiculously easy-to-use customizer. Whether you complete the vintage look with an all-denim ensemble, however, is entirely up to you.    

-Chris Adair


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