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Back to School – Custom Hats for Your Teams, Clubs, and Events

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Going back to school means more than just going back to hitting the books. It also means getting back to club meetings, fundraisers, and Friday night football games. When it comes to custom headwear for your team, club, or event, the last thing you want is a hat that’s going to get thrown into the closet (or worse, the trash) after a few months. That’s where CapBeast comes in, with an impressive collection of attractive, comfortable hats — and an endless number of ways to customize them. Below, we’re giving you the rundown on some of our favorite new styles, along with ways you can get creative to outfit any kind of squad. No matter how you’re spending this school year, CapBeast is here to hook you up with a custom hat that will have serious staying power. 

Custom Hats for Your Team, Club, or Event

You know those dope hats from school events or intramural teams that people still wear a decade later? That’s the kind of cap you want to create — and CapBeast can help you design it with some crazy comfortable and stylish options from companies like New Era, ’47, and Champion. Whether you want something flashy and sleek or relaxed and casual, we’ve got the perfect hat for you. 

At CapBeast, we live by the mantra put forth by Deion Sanders when he said, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good….” To that end, when it comes to the best hats for any kind of athletic team, we’ve more than got you covered. CapBeast has a range of New Era fitteds that make a statement. The Gridiron Training Cap is a head-turner that’s going to keep your players’ heads comfortable and make your team’s logo stand out. 

The tri-color schemes ensure that color coordinating is going to be a breeze; and the 100% polyester material means it’s lightweight and flexible, perfect for those two-a-days. Plus, the Gridiron has a dynamic pattern on the front that makes it unique amongst a sea of plain monochromatic hats. 

Designing Your Custom Hat

There’s a lot that goes into designing that perfect cap. Are you looking for a big, eye-catching team logo? Or something more subtle, like a club name? Once you figure out what you want, you can sit back and let the embroidery experts at CapBeast do all the work. We’re here to bring your design to life exactly how you imagine it — just make sure you’re keeping a few things in mind. 

Our high-quality custom hats are stitched, not printed. So, small text, cluttered graphics, and thin lines aren’t going to show up as well. Try to use thick text and lines that will pop when stitched on your custom hat — think the bold styles of your favorite MLB/NBA/NFL teams’ logos (but don’t submit a trademarked logo that we won’t have the legal rights to use). Also, stick to solid colors and avoid color gradients that are going to be difficult to recreate. 

While choosing your designs might be tough, using CapBeast’s hat customizer couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is go to, select the brand and specific hat you’re looking to modify, type out your text or upload your graphics — and place them where you want — then purchase. There are tons of fonts and an infinite number of ways you can format your text so that it looks just like you envisioned. Don’t forget to utilize the sides and back of your hat, where you can add some extra touches to make it even more unique. Just upload the image you’d like us to work from, and we’ll eliminate the background so you have a clean, attention-grabbing graphic. Our customizer allows you to see exactly what your hats are going to look like when shipped. 

You’re also going to want to choose your designs based on which hat you’re using, and vice versa. If you want something low key, consider a cap like the Champion Dad Hat

You can put some clean text, like your team or club name, or even just a simple logo. It makes for a classic piece that people will be wearing for years. Does your French club want some chic headwear? Throw a baguette on the front and the club name on the side of a dad hat, and you’ve got a cap that’s on trend. 

As we mentioned above, you’ve got options when it comes to sports teams. Need a hat for your golf team? You can’t go wrong with a black dad hat with a stitched-on logo that includes a pop of green or red. Do you want to get a head start on unis for baseball spring training? Start off with a New Era fitted and prominently display your team’s logo on the front. To make them even more personalized, you can add player numbers and even names on the sides. Trust us, your players are going to thank you. 

Need caps for your charity event, chili cookoff, or scholastic competition? Hit up CapBeast and browse our huge selection of hats from the best brands in the apparel game. You’ll be surprised at how creative you can get. Of course, no matter which cap you go with, or how you design it, you can be sure that the end product is going to be high quality.  

CapBeast gives back — tell us about your events and fundraisers. We’d be happy to help and sponsor your efforts! CapBeast supports all kinds of charity events. Get in touch with us at [email protected] — you can also reach us on our IG @capbeast


Getting back into the swing of the school year can be hectic, especially when you’re the one responsible for supplying the gear for your team, club, or event. That’s why we make it ridiculously easy to put together a hat that’s going to look great for many semesters to come. Start designing your own custom hat with CapBeast today — and you can be sure it’ll avoid that one cardboard box everyone has in their attic. 

-Christopher Adair


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