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Checks Over Everything - Designing your very own Nike hats with CapBeast

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Design your very own Nike hats with CapBeast

Think back to your favorite championship moments in sports history — we’re willing to bet that the athletes lifting the trophy at the end of the night were wearing Nike. Actually, we’re willing to bet that (if you’re like us, at least) you’re wearing a swoosh right now. That’s because Nike sets the standard for gear that works incredibly well and looks amazing. “Engineered for world-class athletes” isn’t just a tagline. It’s what they do, especially when it comes to hats. And CapBeast lets you customize that engineering to your specifications with tons of colors and design options. Below, we’re giving you the rundown on Nike’s history, CapBeast’s lineup of Nike hats, and how you can design your own hat with that iconic check on it. Make a custom Nike hat with CapBeast and you’ll feel like you just won the ‘chip yourself.

A History of Nike 

Nike’s origin story is set at the University of Oregon in the late 50s, when the Ducks’ track and field coach, Bill Bowerman, was tinkering with footwear for his runners. One of those athletes was Phil Knight, who saw the potential for an elite performance gear company and linked up with Bowerman to start Blue Ribbon Sports in Eugene, Oregon, in 1964. Over the next five-plus decades, the company evolved into one of the most — if not the most — well-known brands in history. You know Nike’s athletes by first name alone: LeBron, Serena, Tiger. The Nike check was there for MJ’s game-winner against the Jazz in ‘98, Vince Young’s winning the Rose Bowl in ‘06, and just about every other epic sports moment ever. And when you put together a custom Nike hat with CapBeast, you’re getting a piece of that history that’s both high-quality and created just for you. 

Our Favorite Nike Styles

CapBeast’s Nike roster is stacked. With some of the best styles, in a ton of different colorways, and with endless modification options, you’re going to be able to put together the perfect hat for your team’s kit, your company, or just yourself. CapBeast’s three Nike hats — the Swoosh Dad Hat, Dri-Fit Perforated Athletic Cap, the Classic Dad Hat — each provide a different look and feel. Picking a style is the first step in making a statement piece, so choose wisely. 

Nike Swoosh Dad Hat 

This one has been in hat lineups since 1991, so you know it’ll turn heads after you make it your own. The Swoosh Dad Hat is a structured six-panel hat, with a medium profile, a ridiculously comfy polyester/spandex blend, and a hook and loop closure in the back. The Nike swoosh on the bill completes the vibe and will look great alongside your team name. Classic.

Nike Perforated Athletic Cap 

The Perforated Athletic Cap is the hat you can wear while hooping, running, or doing basically anything else that might be more difficult with sweat pouring down your face. The perforated Dri-Fit fabric on the back and mid panels helps wick away moisture, lets your head breathe, and stretches for even more comfort. The simple six-panel design, vibrant colorways, and two-toned bill make customization a lot easier. Your company’s logo 100% belongs on the front of the Dri-Fit Athletic Cap. 

Nike Dad Hat

You know that one hat you have that fits perfectly on your head, to the point that you forget you’re wearing it? That’s what the Nike Dad Hat brings to the table. The cotton/polyester blend looks super sleek, and the fabric strap in the back with the metal buckle gives it that old-school dad hat feel. This one is the perfect blank canvas, providing you with a ton of space for creativity. Need hats for an upcoming event? The Dad Hat will class it up real quick. 

How to Style a Custom Nike Hat

Whichever Nike hat you go with, CapBeast’s hat maker gives you options. And it is very easy to use — just send in your graphics and let our designers stitch them up for you on any and all sides of the cap. Plus, the options for text help you say what you want with tons of different fonts and formatting styles. You’ll be able to see exactly what your custom Nike hat will look like before ordering; so get creative and then let our embroidery experts go to work. 

Choosing the right hat for your designs makes a huge difference in the final product. With the Swoosh Dad Hat, you can take advantage of a slightly higher profile by adding a large, bold graphic. If you’ve got a team to outfit, you really can’t go wrong with this model. With the Dri-Fit Perforated Athletic Cap’s colorways and design options, your company logo will stand out. Plus, you’ll get free advertising when it’s inevitably worn during every single one of the recipient’s gym sessions. And trust us when we tell you that your golf tourney needs the Classic Dad Hat. Put the logo up front and some clean text on the side and thank us later. 

Each of the three hats comes in a variety of colors, and some graphics are going to look better with certain color schemes. Use the hat maker to see how your designs are going to look against the color and style you’re looking to build on. 

Remember, the bigger (and clearer) the better. Avoid sending in cluttered, small designs or thin lines that might not show up as clearly. Thick, clean graphics and large text are going to make your hat pop. Take a look at our dos and don'ts to make sure your custom Nike cap is optimized. Stupid easy.

We mean it when we say that it’s checks over everything. Nike has been making the most high-performance, unique, and eye-catching gear in the game for years. CapBeast wants to help you utilize that world-class quality and design to make your own custom piece of iconography. Creating a custom Nike hat means you’re going to be part of that legacy of greatness while making your own mark.