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Making Custom Hats for Your Team

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Legendary National Football League player Deion Sanders said it best when he said “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good”. Most sports lovers know that having equipment that pops will fuel performance and increase confidence. If you’re in a sports league with friends, having custom equipment will make you the envy of the league, and help bring your team together. One particular item that, when customized will make your team stand out, is hats.

Customized hats will immediately make your team eye-catching, no matter what league or sport you’re playing in. Although there’s no event or sport where having all team members wearing custom-designed hats is a bad idea, this works especially well in a baseball league. Custom baseball caps for your team will immediately send a message to every other team in the league: this squad means business.

If you’ve made the wise decision to create custom hats for your team, you might be wondering where to begin. You may have a logo in mind, a design drawn up, and a color scheme fully realized, but you simply can’t seem to find the right place to get your perfect hat created. Well, lucky for you CapBeast exists to help make your dream hats a reality. Below, we’ll give you a guide to what we do, and some design tips for creating custom hats for your team.

Who We Are

CapBeast is a custom hat maker that has been enabling customers to create their own hats for over 5 years. In our time in the industry, we've created and shipped hundreds of thousands of customized hats for businesses, teams, and individuals, allowing them to put their creative ideas into action. 

We embroider our hats using a state-of-the-art digital embroidery machine that manages to turn design concepts into reality. All you need is a design, and we’ll do the rest, giving you customized hats that will give your team a look worthy of the big leagues.

We recognize the joy and value that customized hats can bring to a team, which is why we offer bulk discounts for larger orders. The more you order, the more you save. With our bulk discounts in effect, you can save up to 40% off large enough orders, making CapBeast the perfect option for teams of any size.

For those trying to make a custom snapback or any other type of hat from a bucket hat to a dad hat, CapBeast is the site for you. Our process is easy and fast, the hats look great. To see some examples of the types of hats we've created, and some behind-the-scenes looks at how the hats get made, check out our Instagram at @capbeast.

Design Tips for Creating Your Caps

If you are creating a hat, you want it to be a masterpiece. You and your team deserve the best, so for a custom hat to look as good as it should, there are a few tips to follow, and a few potential mistakes you should try and avoid.

Bold text is a great way to make your hats pop. If you're using thin, muted-looking text for your hats, it's not going to be impactful. Bold text makes the hats much more visible and emphasizes the text in a more dramatic way. You want the other teams to look at your hat and immediately know what they're up against, and bold text helps make it very clear just who they're playing with.

One thing to avoid when coming up with your design for a hat is going overboard with your concept. There is a 15 color maximum to your design, so don’t go too wild with the colors, although you’ll find that most designs you could come up with will be able to comfortably stay under that 15 color limit.

Fine lines and overly detailed designs might not come out how you would want them to. Our digital embroidery machine is capable of creating great-looking designs, it is just best that customers don't use fine lines that can potentially be difficult to replicate with stitching. Various other design choices can't be made a reality. Another thing to note is that trademarked logos cannot be replicated without proof of permission.

Small circles are a design that is difficult to convert into hat form, particularly if it is a circle within another circle. These types of tiny details are often difficult to effectively recreate, as are color gradients.

Photos sometimes can be digitized for recreation on the hat, but for some pictures, it is impossible. As well, when it comes to photos, remember the 15 color limit as it is easy to go over with photos. In general, photos need to be simplified and colors need to be minimized. We take care of this in the pre-production phase. If our experts deem that a photo just won't translate well with stitching, we'll let you know.

Another thing CapBeast does that makes the look of a design significantly better is remove unnecessary background details. If you’re creating a logo and it has a white background, we’ll remove the background so the hat looks more seamless and professional. This saves you some editing work and improves the look of the hats.

The most effective hat designs tend to be logos that are moderately simplistic, and not overly detailed. Since these logos are stitched, there are limitations, but the look of a well-stitched custom logo on a hat is hard to beat. The best way to learn is through experience, so visit CapBeast and try our Create section to learn about the process.

To sum it all up

If you’ve been wondering “how do I design a hat with my logo?”, wonder no longer. Check out our blog for the latest hat design tips and news about releases, drops and the brands we carry. CapBeast makes the process of creating your own hat simple and fun, allowing you and your team to rock top-notch, customized gear from the greatest headwear brands in the industry. 

Having a hat with your team's own logo and name written across it makes your squad feel like they’ve stepped into the major leagues, and chances are, they’ll play like it too. If you look your best, you’ll play your best, and custom caps also serve as a great souvenir of a sports season spent with friends.