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CapBeast's Guide to making '47 Brand hats

Guide to making custiom 47 brand hats   capbeast

’47 Brand – Your Dad’s Favorite Hat 

Exploring the history of the iconic American brand, plus design and styling tips to help you customize your ‘47 Brand hat

If you hadn’t already noticed, dad hats — those super relaxed six-panel throwbacks to the 90s — are back. Maybe it’s because we want to be comfortable when we rep our team, or maybe it’s because our parents wore them when they repped their teams. We don’t know. Whatever the case, nothing better embodies that old-school sports vibe like ’47 Brand, a company that was literally built in the shadow of Fenway Park. The instantly recognizable ’47 logo can be found on some of the most creative, high-quality caps in the sports world (and way beyond); and it’ll be stitched on your own specially designed piece when you customize a hat through CapBeast. Below, we’re giving you everything you need to know about ’47: the history, the style, and how you can create your own iconic piece of headwear. 


A History of ’47 Brand

Arthur and Henry D’Angelo, twin brothers who immigrated to the US from Italy, started ’47 Brand by selling Red Sox merch to fans near Fenway Park in (yep, you got it) 1947. Their small business eventually evolved into a brick-and-mortar store situated right next to the stadium, where they’d watch their team’s success — a certain decades-long curse finally turning into a successful dynasty — mirror their own. Now, ’47 (they dropped the “Brand” in 2015, though it’s still commonly used) is one of the premier sports apparel companies in the world, with licensing agreements with all four major American sports leagues and hundreds of colleges. Two brothers moving to the US, getting by on hustle and creativity, and building a legacy in the process? That’s the American dream. And that legacy is what makes a custom ’47 hat so special.

Our Favorite ’47 Styles

It’s not a stretch to say that ’47 perfected the classic baseball cap — that perfectly broken-in hat with a subtly distressed look, minimalist design, and throwback logos. Way more than just dad hats, though, ’47 makes a variety of unique headwear, including more modern baseball hats, trucker hats, snapbacks and fitted caps. Whether you want a vibrant statement piece for your team unis or a hat specifically for drinking beer and fishing, CapBeast can help you design a perfectly customized ’47 cap from 3 options: the Dad Hat, the Mid Profile Baseball Hat, and their classic mesh-back Trucker Hat. 

Dad Hats

Simplicity is key with dad hats, and that’s especially true with a ’47 Dad Hat — just a ridiculously comfortable washed-cotton cap in a six-panel design, with a form-fitting, unstructured front and an adjustable cloth strap in the back (with the classic metal buckle, of course). CapBeast helps you take advantage of the Dad Hat’s simple design by letting you add custom touches on any and all sides of the cap to make it your own. 

Mid-Profile Baseball Hat

A compromise between a fitted baseball cap and an unstructured dad hat, the Mid Profile Baseball Hat is a versatile ballpark (or stadium, or hockey rink) favorite. Made from a durable premium wool blend material, these are the kind of hats that you can build your entire team’s uniform around. A slightly taller profile provides plenty of space for bigger logos or text, and a variety of colors ensures it’ll go with anything. With a customized Mid Profile from CapBeast, you’ll make sure your team is super comfortable while making the rest of the league look bad. 

Trucker Hat

When it comes to classic American headwear, the Trucker Hat has been a staple since way before your favorite player was born. With contrasting stitching on the brim, mesh on the back and sides, and a snapback strap, the Trucker provides comfort, style, and tons of space for you to get creative with your customizations. If you want your restaurant, bar, or other business swag to sell, you’ll probably want to start by customizing some ’47 Truckers and watching them go. 

How to Style a Custom ’47 Hat

CapBeast helps you take advantage of three of the highest-quality ’47 styles with the custom hat maker. No matter which cap you go with, though, you’ve got tons of color options. The ’47 Dad Hat comes in black, maroon, navy, white, and red; the Mid Rise Baseball Hat comes in black, navy, charcoal, white, and red; and the Trucker Hat comes in black, navy, and red. 


Once you’ve picked a style and color, you can start to input your designs. CapBeast’s experts will ensure your content is perfectly embroidered where and how you want it. Remember, bold, clean logos help your designs stand out when embroidered. Avoid cluttered text, thin lines, or small graphics that may not show up as clearly. 


Using the CapBeast custom hat maker, logos are super easy to apply: just upload the image you’d like us to work from, and we’ll eliminate the background, so you have a fresh, attention-grabbing graphic. If you’re looking to add text, there are dozens of fonts and formatting options that will make it pop. The design opportunities are endless, so play around with the CapBeast custom hat maker (and take a look at these guidelines) to create your perfect ’47 gear. 


Choosing the right hat for your designs, and vice versa, will make the final product even better. With the Dad Hat, consider throwing on a clean, retro-style logo and/or simple text. With the Trucker Hat, put some white script text on a red front and tell us that doesn’t look amazing. Or, with the Mid Profile Baseball Hat, give your team a signature look by using big, striking graphics — and don’t forget to add detailing to the sides and back.  


There’s a reason people collect ’47 hats as if they were rookie cards. No matter how you customize them, you’re going to end up making a statement. And whether you’re looking for a clean and simple dad hat or a colorful and eye-catching baseball or trucker hat, you’ll have the ability to make it your own with CapBeast — your dad definitely would have.