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CapBeast's Guide to Athletic Hats in 2021

Capbeast guide to athletic hats 2021

A quick look at performance oriented headwear for running, working out, golf and more

Hats are synonymous with sport. Whether it's to show support for your favorite team, or for more practical reasons, hats and sports go hand in hand. At CapBeast, you know we’re a fan of staying fresh, supporting our favorite brands & teams, but also remaining unique. However, we also love hats for another, arguably more practical reason: their performance. Often people overlook headwear as a style choice rather than a way to improve performance and comfort. There’s a reason atheletes wear hats during games, and it's not just because they look good. 

Headwear has come a long way, and we’re now able to create hats that are ideal for specific sports and activities. Athletic hats do more than just shield the sun. Materials such as synthetic mesh are lightweight, providing breathability and help draw heat and moisture away from the body. 

In the gym

If you’re someone who's frequently working out, perhaps a personal trainer or avid gym-goer, you’ll want to invest in a hat specifically for the gym. Athletic headwear increases performance as it keeps the body cooler for longer, meaning you can work, or workout, for an extended period of time. Modern day gyms are overflowing with personal trainers, so make yourself known and make sure you’re identifiable to your clients with a custom hat. We recommend the Ultrafiber Airmesh Hat- Flexfit or the New Era Mesh Stretch Fitted Hat for peak performance without compromising on your individualistic style. 

On asphalt and trails

Sometimes the confines of the gym are just too much, and we want to get outside and run in nature. For those partial to an outdoor jog or an avid marathon runner, a good running hat should be non-negotiable. Your custom running hat needs to be made from high-quality polyester to ensure optimum breathability. Polyester’s lightweight properties ensure your hat doesn’t add any unnecessary weight, stays comfortable on your head while running at high speeds or for long distances, and even helps assist your body temperature in cooling down. If you’re a regular hat wearer like us, customize your running hat, so you automatically know which hat to reach for before setting out on a run. Create a custom Adidas hat, so you have the name of one of the biggest sporting brands combined with your own individual creativitya combination set for success if you ask us. 

If you're not an Adidas fan, try the newly released New Era Perforated Performance Hat. This New Era cap is stylish and has all the ideal properties of a running hat. Create a custom running hat and show you’re serious about running.

On the green

A good game of golf may require hours on the green. A good hat is essential for any golfer. A custom golf hat will make you identifiable on the green and aid in your all-star performance. Golf hats protect your head from the sun, preventing potential heat stroke and protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.  Extended sun exposure can be extremely dangerous, and it's not something you want to have to worry about during an enjoyable game of golf. Eliminate unnecessary worry with a custom golf hat, ideal for hours spent on the green. 

If you're a keen golfer on the hunt for a golfing hat, try the Poplin Golf Snapback. This cotton and polyester blend keeps your head cool and comfortable. With a quarter of an inch thick braid on the visor along with classic five panels, this hat is any golfer's dream. Customize your Poplin golf snapback, so you can be comfortable, recognizable and protected from the sun during every game. If brand loyalty is your thing, and you’ve dedicated yourself to Adidas caps for life, the Adidas Performance Cap has you covered. The Flexfit Cotton Blend Cap is also ideal for days spent potting holes. With so many choices and the ability to customize your golfing hat in a style unique to you, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect cap to accompany you on the green.

Every athlete wants to stand out on the field and be the player everyone's talking about. With custom athletic hats you can ensure you’re the player people remember. Sports fashion can be frustratingly similar. We know that not all athletes want to look the same as each other, which is why we’re passionate about providing customization without compromise. 

Being part of a team can be extremely rewarding, and teams need great headwear. At CapBeast, we want the best of both worlds; incredible sportsmanship and one of a kind creativity. We believe sports and style aren’t mutually exclusive, and one can actually encourage the other. Our athletic hats improve your performance while letting your individual creativity shine through. 

In a nutshell

While a light-weight, breathable hat may be better suited to a fast-paced runner than a chilled out golfer, every athlete can benefit from performance headwear. No sportsman wants to be squinting from the sun, or worse, overheating. 

If you play more than one sport, we recommend investing in a quality performance-oriented cap. All performance oriented are light-weight and breathable, perfect for helping your body cool down during an intense game or gym session. 

So whether you’re a personal trainer with your own logo, a passionate runner, or a golf enthusiast, CapBeast has the perfect hat to keep you comfortable and help you reach your peak performance. 

In this blog post, we’ve shared how athletic headwear can help advance your sporting abilities. If you want to learn more about making your custom hat design pop and be the player everyone has their eyes one, check out our guide on the Dos And Don'ts Of Designing Your Own Hat.